Your Investment Options

Queen City Law can assist you with finding the right investment option for you.
We can provide expert commercial and legal advice to accommodate your unique requirements.

Private Equity Investments

Queen City Law has a deep understanding of private equity investments from our highly successful history of engaging our clients with their business matters. If you are a high net worth individual looking to make some private investments into New Zealand then you may qualify for this category. We will be happy to assist you with your investments towards any New Zealand company.

Commercial Property

If you are looking to invest in commercial properties in New Zealand then you may qualify under this category. New Zealand is a growing country with a strong economy that is abundant with investment opportunities. Queen City Law is willing and able to assist with any commercial property matters you have.

Residential Property Development

New Zealand is currently in a residential property boom with a high demand for housing. If you are looking to do business with residential property development then now is the perfect time and New Zealand is the perfect place. Queen City Law will gladly assist you with whatever you need.