If you are wanting to enter New Zealand or are about to apply for a further visa but have been charged or convicted with an offence, then you may need a character waiver. To apply for any type of visa you need to be of good character, so if Immigration New Zealand believes that you do not meet this requirement or that you pose a potential risk to New Zealand, then you will need to obtain a character waiver in order to get your visa application approved. Immigration New Zealand will look to all the surrounding factors and decide whether your character issues can be waived or excused. Character issues including convictions, whether you have provided false/misleading information and/or been deported/banned from another country. If you have a more serious conviction then you may need to get a Special Direction from the Minister. Do not be disheartened if Immigration New Zealand does not think you meet the good character requirements as our team is experienced in dealing with these issues.

Immigration New Zealand requires all visa applicants to have an acceptable standard of health. If your medical condition is on Immigration New Zealand’s list of conditions deemed to not meet the acceptable standard of health, then you will need a medical waiver in order for your application to be approved. Medical waivers may also be needed if there is a relatively high probability that you will require health services which will cost over NZD$41,000. It is therefore important to put forward a strong case for all your surrounding factors when requesting a Medical Waiver.