New Zealand is the home of the Kiwi bird, amazing scenery and also the All Blacks. Our country has a lot to offer. If you are wanting to come to New Zealand for a short period of time, whether it is to visit family, explore New Zealand’s beautiful locations, or simply for a business conference then let us assist you with your visitor visa. Queen City Law understands that not all visitor visa applications are easy as you may be questioned on whether you are a bona fide visitor. We can guide you through this process.

New Zealand has a world-class education system and we are well known for our safe environment. If you would like to kick start your career and study in New Zealand then you will need a student visa. If you have a school, university or course in mind, then get in touch and we can assist you with this process to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Work visas allow you to work in and offer your skills to New Zealand. Work visas are a great way to earn money, get experience and also a possible route to residency in New Zealand. If you have experience or qualifications overseas but are finding the work visa process in New Zealand confusing due to the Labour Market checks and ANZSCO definitions, then let us explain it to you in an easy to understand way. Work visas are also useful if you are highly skilled individual and are coming to New Zealand for a specific project or purpose. You can also get a work visa based on your relationship with a New Zealand citizen/resident partner or after you have completed a qualification in New Zealand.

Approval in Principal: AIP – Essential Skills Work Visa

Essential Skills: Essential Skills Work Visa

Employer Information: Immigration Instructions for Employers

If you are a growing business that is looking to source some of your workforce from outside of New Zealand because you cannot find suitable employees within New Zealand, then you may want to look into getting your company accredited. Being accredited means that you will be able to recruit Non-New Zealand citizen and resident workers. Queen City Law has the expertise in business, employment and immigration law to guide your company through this process.

Accreditation: Talent (Accredited Employers) Residence Policy