If you feel that you have received poor service or have not been treated fairly by Immigration New Zealand then it may be possible to make a complaint and possibly get your case reallocated to a different immigration officer. Reasons for your complaint could include for example: the immigration officer in charge of your case has not taken all your circumstances into consideration, or there was bias or prejudice against you. We can make an assessment and give you our opinion on your grounds for a complaint, as well as providing alternative options.

When your visa application gets declined or if you have been issued with a deportation liability notice, you may have grounds to appeal. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to appeal on humanitarian grounds and/or based on your resident visa application being decided incorrectly. The timeframes for submitting an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal are limited, so you should seek advice as soon as possible. Our team can assist you with making a strong submission, backed up by case law and evidence.

If your application or appeal has been declined but believe you have a strong justification to be in New Zealand, you can take your case to the Minister of Immigration. We note that to successfully appeal to the Minister, you will need to demonstrate how your circumstances are exceptional. It is therefore important to put forward a strong submission to the Minister. Queen City Law can assist you with this.