Cool Wakushima, Queenstown, blue moons, and QCL’s award winning immigration team

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August 3, 2021
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August 24, 2021
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Cool Wakushima, Queenstown, blue moons, and QCL’s award winning immigration team


The QCL immigration and citizenship team pride itself on being the best in Aotearoa. Seemingly each week we obtain exceptional results for our clients. This pattern has not abated during the period our border has closed, and even during the current lock down we remain under the pump.

We believe we have processed more successful Investor 1 applications than any other law firm in the country, we were the first law firm to successfully process Critical Worker visas for rotation for one of the crews on a super yacht currently berthed at Westhaven Marina, we are leaders in the accredited employer space and have an uncannily high percentage of successful cases where other advisors and lawyers have failed and complex submissions are required to influence and win over the relevant decision makers.

In addition, we present annually at national immigration law conferences and a couple of guys in the firm have been go to people for journalists looking for soundbites on any topic associated with immigration or citizenship in New Zealand for the best part of 20 years.

But once in a while, we come across a case that creates genuine professional pride beyond the pale. Some of this is to do with the background of the client coupled with the background of some of the lawyers in this award winning immigration team. That is, once in a blue moon, we win an outcome that means a lot to us and reflects attributes such as tenacity, skill, sacrifice and laser-like focus.

To provide a bit more context, QCL immigration team leader Bradley So was previously selected for New Zealand kickboxing teams and competed for New Zealand in Macedonia and Brazil, which you can read about here:

Our top wordsmith Jack Cheng remains a brilliant 3 point shooter, is crazily passionate about basketball (travelling Stateside to watch Steph Curry play and very much hoping his young son will channel him).

QCL’s managing directorMarcus Beveridge was selected for junior New Zealand soccer national training squads and plays competitive softball, which you can read about here:

In this case our law firm acted for Cool and her Japanese family based in Queenstown initially with their immigration requirements where the law firm successfully navigated the way through New Zealand’s poorly designed entrepreneur work visa category, culminating in a successful result. Subsequently the family sought our assistance to fast track New Zealand citizenship for Cool with a prayer that she would be eligible to be able to represent New Zealand at the Winter Olympics, as non-citizens are not able to represent New Zealand at the Olympics.

So when we learned that Cool has just won snowboard gold at Aspen recently it made the whole firm proud to be associated with Cool’s sporting prowess. Here is a link to Cool’s gold medal win at Aspen:

Although Queen City Law specialises in property and litigation also, it is immigration or citizenship that sometimes can be especially rewarding and once in a blue moon we come across cases where our professional assistance can make all the difference in the world and is very much in our national interest.

We wish Cool all the best in achieving her Winter Olympic dreams.