2021 Interim Visa

2021 Residence Visa – Not a done deal
March 29, 2022
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2021 Interim Visa

People who have applied for the 2021 Resident visa may be eligible for the 2021 interim visa.

An interim visa is a “bridging” visa that is automatically given to you if your visa is about to run out, while you’re waiting for your next visa application to be processed. This is normally enough for people to wait until they get their new visa.

The 2021 Resident visa also has interim visas, but the way they work is very different. One small chance has created a huge risk to anyone relying on an interim visa to keep them legal in New Zealand while their 2021 Resident application is being processed.

All of the 2021 interim visas will only last 12 months. You cannot apply for another visa while on the interim visa. Once the interim visa expires, you must leave New Zealand. The rules are pretty cut and dry about this, which means some people may be in big trouble.

12 months may sound like a long time, but with the amount of people applying for visas there will be a massive queue of people to work through before an INZ case officer even looks at your application. If you have a lot of people included in your application it could take longer to process, and if you have any issues that need to be settled it could take even longer still.

This makes it important to make sure that your applications are submitted right and early. You don’t want to delay and end up at the back of the line, but you don’t want to rush and make mistakes that makes processing the visa longer either. We strongly recommend that you seek professional guidance to manage and control the application process every step of the way. This is especially important if you know that you have circumstances that will cause issues with your application.

Queen City Law is more than happy to assist with your 2021 Resident Visa applications. We’ll guide you through everything from what documents need to be provided to how to respond to INZ questions. If you have any issues, our expert team is fully capable of responding on your behalf. And should your interim visa start to run out, we can help you request an exception to instructions for an extended visa or other solutions.