Bloomberg report ranks New Zealand as the best country to be in during the COVID-19 era

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July 20, 2020
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Bloomberg report ranks New Zealand as the best country to be in during the COVID-19 era


Bloomberg have recently released a report that compares countries to each other by measuring how well they perform under ten COVID-19 metrics. The metrics include the number of cases of the virus, deaths from the virus, and more.

These metrics are used to calculate a resilience score to depict how well that country is performing under the virus. New Zealand has proudly taken the number one spot on that list, beating other top performers such as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

New Zealand has been praised for its quick and decisive action in face of COVID-19, which includes completely shutting the borders in March. We are considered essentially virus-free, as the only infections have been from people returning from overseas while in isolation. There have only been very small and very occasional outbreaks in the community, all linked to isolation facilities.

New Zealand now enjoys large social events such as live music concerts and sporting events as life for many New Zealanders is almost back to normal.

The Bloomberg report looks at the common links between the top performing countries who have controlled the virus well. It is believed that countries where people trust their governments tend to perform better. This is part of the reason why more authoritarian nations that value social compliance like Korea and Japan have been able to handle the virus well. For New Zealand however, the open communication from the start of the pandemic helped build trust between the government and the public.

New Zealand has always been a popular destination for tourists and migrants alike. New Zealand enjoys a more relaxed and open lifestyle due to the lack of the virus here, so we should expect immigration applications to flood in once the border opens. It would be prudent to prepare your applications now to give yourself the best chance of staying ahead of the pack.

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